The AI Health World Summit, organised biennially by SingHealth, serves as a pivotal gathering for global leaders across healthcare, academia, government, legal, and industry sectors. This esteemed event converges experts to explore and deliberate on the latest advancements and applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Planned for 2025, the summit will focus on crucial topics including last-mile adoptions of AI technologies, clinical applications in healthcare, data governance frameworks, AI and data privacy safeguards, advancements in vision and language models tailored for health contexts, explainable and responsible AI practices, and the promotion of AI education and literacy.

In 2023, the summit welcomed over 500 delegates from more than 20 countries, representing a diverse spectrum including clinicians, technical experts, academics, regulators, startups, technology firms, venture capitalists, and AI enthusiasts. The expert panel featured distinguished figures such as the Editor-in-Chiefs from prominent publications like Nature Medicine and Lancet Digital Health, global and regional Technical and Marketing Directors from leading technology companies such as Google and ASUS, and senior governmental leaders from Singapore’s Ministry of Health, National Research Foundation, and A*STAR.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we prepare to gather once again for AI Health World Summit 2025, fostering collaboration and innovation at the forefront of AI-driven healthcare solutions.

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